among the current & recent web projects:

Georgia Food Oasis (2013-current) – designer/developer

The Fuller Center for Housing (2009-2015) – Drupal developments, CiviCRM; WordPress developments

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation (2002- current) – 2 Drupal developments; 2 WordPress developments

GA Early Ed 100 – designer/developer

Westside Works – (2013-2015) – designer/developer

Georgia State University Marching Bands (2010-current)

Atlanta Chamber Winds – (2010-current)

Dothan Animal Hospital (2010) – design/development

BamaComp (2010) – design/development

A Powerful Noise (Documentary) (2007-2011) – webmaster

Mass Tort Trial Lawyer Association, Aviation Trial Lawyers Association, Environmental/Toxic Tort Trial Lawyers Asociation, Motorcycle Injury Trial Lawyers Association, Social Security Disability Trial Lawyers Association, Products Liability Trial Lawyers Association, Construction Accident Trial Lawyers Association (2010-2011)

Keystone Atlanta – design management, developer, webmaster

Covenant UMC (2009-2011) – design management, developer, video developer

Leading the Way with Dr. Michael Youssef (2008-2011) – Flash video developer

Arborguard (2005-2009) – designer, developer, webmaster

Assignment Earth (2006-2009) design management, developer, web master

This American Land (2006-2009) design management, developer, web master

Environment News Trust – (2006-2009) design management, developer, webmaster

Guerilla Radio (Documentary) – designer, developer, webmaster

Truth in Song Productions – designer, developer, webmaster

Briars in the Cotton Patch (Documentary) – developer, webmaster

G-CAPP (2006-2008) – webmaster

The Last Child: The Global Race to End Polio (Documentary) (2002 – 2011)- designer, developer, webmaster

The Captain Planet Foundation (1999- 2007) – webmaster

RobertWitherspoon.com design partnership, developer, webmaster

The Turner Foundation”s X-Mas Party (2001-2006) designer, developer, webmaster

Mountain Sky Guest Ranch (2002-2005) – webmaster

Northstar Entertainment – designer, developer, webmaster

Eileen”s Battle- designer, developer

Eternalhorizon’s founder has been working in the web industry since 1997. After completing projects working for the New Media Department at The University of Georgia, Indra went on to help redesign and manage Turner Broadcasting”s corporate intranet.