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Indra Sibal Palmer founded Eternalhorizon after leaving CNN in 2003. During her six years there she did everything from anchoring and producing full-time for CNNRadio, to a “one-woman band” features reporter, to a Headline News anchor, as well as a writer for many of CNN’s top rated news shows.

Since starting her own media company, Palmer has produced, shot and edited for entities such as CARE, CNN, PBS, Farmers’ Almanac Television, Yahoo News, Leading the Way, The 700 Club, The Fuller Center, Red Sky Productions and Project Dance, among others. She also trained the staff of a GEO News Network in Karachi, Pakistan, a Star News network in Calcutta, India, as well as the staff of CNN-IBN, based in New Delhi, on how to shoot and edit, while helping launch the networks. Most recently, she conducted workshops and consulted in newsroom operations for NDTV in New Delhi and PINK News in Belgrade.

Indra’s documentary work has taken her to a number of spots around the globe, including Cuba and Guatemala. She was the Associate Producer and one of the primary Videographers for “Guerrilla Radio: The Hip Hop Struggle Under Castro” which landed in several film festivals around the country. Her producing and editing work won an NRB award for Leading The Way as well as recognition by the South Asian Journalists Association. Palmer was also honored with an invite to speak to her former Journalism School at UGA.

She’s been developing and managing web sites since nearly the beginning of the internet era. After working with the New Media Institute at UGA and then as the Intranet Programmer for Turner Broadcasting, Inc., she went on to manage sites for The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, CARE, Assignment Earth, This American Land, The Captain Planet Foundation, Environment News Trust, The Fuller Center for Housing and many others, including local non-profits, churches, artists and filmmakers.

Eternalhorizon serves clients worldwide with the goal of promoting awareness and change. And we’ve just added “glorifying God” to our mission statement!

Contact us at indra at eternalhorizon.com.